SRCD Members in the News: Dr. Angeline Lillard

SRCD member, Dr. Angeline Lillard (University of Virginia) authors new opinion piece for the Dallas Morning News on Montessori education and children's literacy.

SRCD Member, Dr. Angeline Lillard (University of Virginia), contributes to the Dallas Morning News in an opinion piece titled, "When so many school children can’t read, it’s time to do something different."


More than half of Texas third graders cannot read at grade level. Might they do better with an entirely different educational approach?

Typically we teach children to read, beginning in preschool, and take up writing later. But over 100 years ago, physician-educator Maria Montessori came up with a radically different approach to literacy that makes far more sense based on the last 50 years of research. It turns the typical approach to literacy on its head by teaching writing before reading, cursive before print, and silent reading before reading aloud.