SRCD Members in the News: Drs. Leoandra Onnie Rogers and Tiffany Yip

SRCD members, Drs. Leoandra Onnie Rogers (Northwestern University) and Tiffany Yip (Fordham University) co-authored a recent The Conversation article on talking about racism.

In a The Conversation article titled, "Most white parents don’t talk about racism with their kids," SRCD members Leoandra Onnie Rogers (Northwestern University) and Tiffany Yip (Fordham University), along with David Chae from Auburn University, discuss the research around white parents' ideas on discussing race with their children, and why it's necessary.


Resisting racism, challenging racist societal structures and advocating for equity have been an uphill battle shouldered predominantly by individuals, families and communities of color. Our research indicates that the more white parents talk with their children about the realities of American racism, the more aware those kids are, as adults, of inequalities in American life.