SRCD Signs on to Letter on the Invasion of Ukraine and Opportunities to Support Ukrainian Students, Researchers, and Their Families


SRCD has signed on to an Optica letter addressed to President Joe Biden, the Secretaries of the U.S. Departments of State and Homeland Security, and House and Senate leadership, that condemns the invasion of Ukraine and calls for both executive and congressional action to aid Ukrainian students, researchers, and their families fleeing Ukraine during this crisis.

The letter notes, “The scientific community of Ukraine is vibrant and contributes to the global advancement of knowledge and the progress of humanity. Ukrainian scientists, engineers, students, educators and their families are experiencing a violent occupation of their nation. Their lives are endangered, and a humanitarian crisis with long-lasting effects is unfolding. Swift action by the Administration and Congress can make a significant, positive impact on the outcome of this crisis. Providing aid to Ukrainian students and researchers and their families is the right, moral, and imperative action that our leaders must immediately undertake.”

SRCD stands in grief and solidarity with Ukrainians and all refugees who have been displaced.

View a PDF of the letter