SRCD, SRA, and AERA Announce Journal Special Sections on Racial Diversity


SRCD, SRA, and AERA are committed to highlighting innovative and high impact developmental scholarship that pertains to racial diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their journals will be announcing separate special sections relevant to these important and timely topics.

Child Development's Special Section will highlight research that investigates the roles of socialization, contexts, and policies in the development of anti-racism in youth, including scholarship that examines the development of anti-racist attitudes, ideological perspectives and behaviors within and across contexts with attention to developmental stage.

The Journal of Research on Adolescence will publish a series of special issues/sections that emphasize the role of racism and systems of oppression that impact Black youth and other youth of color; examine how whiteness is learned and confronted; and investigate adolescents’ resistance of racism and other forms of oppression.

AERA Open will publish a special section focused on the sources, conceptualizations, and mechanisms of racism and oppression as they impact education-related outcomes and wellbeing. Educational Researcher will publish a special issue addressing anti-Black racism in education.

Stay tuned for each journal’s Call for Papers, which will formally announce this important work.