SRCD's Towards 2044: Horowitz Early Career Scholars Program Advisory Committee and Mentor Spotlight


Thank you, Advisory Committee!

From left to right: Dr. Michael Cunningham (Tulane University, Chair of the Horowitz Advisory Committee), Dr. Mayra Bámaca(University of California, Merced), and Dr. Charissa Cheah (University of Maryland, Baltimore County).

As SRCD’s 2023 Towards 2044: Horowitz Early Career Scholars Program draws to a close, SRCD would like to extend its deepest gratitude to Drs. Michael Cunningham, Mayra Bámaca, and Charissa Cheah, who have shown tremendous support and commitment to this program for the past three years. They will continue supporting the 2024 cohort next year.  

Dr. Alan Meca, who has served as a Horowitz mentor for three years now, reflects: "Programs like the Horowitz Early Career Scholar Program are so vital for helping the next generation step into key roles that will have transformative impact on child development. However, these programs can only flourish under the leadership and direction of people like Drs. Cunningham, Cheah, and Bámaca who tirelessly work to support young scholars flourish as whole people, and in turn, play pivotal roles in changing cultures and systems within academia. The ripple effect of their contributions to SRCD’s Millennial Scholars Program and the Horowitz Early Career Scholar Program will be felt for decades to come, as the mentees in these programs pave the road for others and pay their support forward." 

As we reflect on the achievements and the promising future of the Horowitz Program, we acknowledge and express our greatest appreciation for the dedication of the Advisory Committee.  

Thank You, Mentors!  

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to the Horowitz mentors whose support has made this program possible: 

2021 Mentors: Aileen Garcia*, Charisse Pickron, Michelle Brown, Alan Meca*, Erika Hernandez*, Vanessa Volpe, Stephanie Miller*, Chenyi Zhang, Sandi Simpkins, Daniel Choe.  

2022 Mentors: Alan Meca*, Brenda Jones Harden, Fantasy T. Lozada, Jingjing Sun*, Leoandra Onnie Rodgers, Melinda A. Gonzales-Backen, Misaki N. Natsuaki*, Perla Blanca Gamez, Rachel A. Gordon, Stephen H. Chen.  

2023 Mentors: Jingjing Sun*, Christina Cipriano, Alan Meca*, Misaki Natsuaki*, Erika Hernandez*, Tennisha Riley, Stephanie Miller*, Margarita Azmitia, Elisa Trucco, Aileen Garcia*.  

*Served as mentors for multiple cohorts. Thank you for your dedication!  

More information on the 2024 Horowitz Program will be coming in the new year.