Statement of Laura L. Namy, Executive Director, Society for Research in Child Development on U.S. Policy of Separating Immigrant Children from their Families at the Border

Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -– SRCD has been receiving several inquiries about whether the organization is taking a stand on the current U.S. policy of separating immigrant children from their families at the border.

Separation of children from their families is a critically important issue and one that is informed by developmental science. SRCD’s policies and our legal and fiduciary status as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization preclude the Society from engaging in political lobbying regarding social policy issues. Individuals within our organization are free to take political stands on such issues, but as an organization, we can only present evidence without providing advice or opinions regarding how to act on that evidence. A non-technical summary of this evidence is currently in preparation.

I am a strong believer that nonpartisan evidence dissemination can often be more effective than partisan pleas because it enables both parties to justify supporting evidence-based policies.

It can be a helpless feeling not to be able to leverage our expertise to advocate as an organization for the protection of children. However, organizations like ours were set up to exist apart from the political process. The forthcoming summary of the evidence will stay within the confines of our operating policies and legal constraints to wield the evidence, which in this case, clearly speaks for itself.