Statement from SRCD President Nancy Hill and Executive Director Saima Hedrick on the Shootings at Michigan State University


Our country continues to grapple with the increasing incidents of mass shootings less than two months into 2023. As researchers and educators, the shootings at Michigan State University yesterday hit close to home. We don’t know of a motive or a connection to the campus, but we are now all connected to the aftermath of this heinous event.

As developmental scientists, we have studied the effects of trauma on children, youth, and young adults, along with the people who care about them. Understanding the mechanisms and circumstances that contribute to, or protect from, violence is important for efforts to prevent and reduce it as early and effectively as possible. Read more about children and violence in this SRCD Social Policy Report.

We continue to examine the many factors into why individuals take these measures and cause so much harm and the effects on individuals and communities. SRCD stands with the students, faculty, and staff of Michigan State University as they come together as a community and begin to heal.

Nancy E. Hill
SRCD President

Saima K. Hedrick
SRCD Executive Director