Statement on Terrorist Attacks by Hamas Against Israeli Citizens on October 7, 2023


I am writing to share more thoughts on the horrific, violent terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israeli citizens on October 7, 2023.

I have heard from several of our members who are terrified, angry, and hurting. I want to be clear that SRCD unequivocally condemns the terrorism and violence perpetrated by Hamas. 

My original statement was not intended to minimize the horror that was unleashed in last week’s attacks, or the unique circumstances of this terrorist incident. Our Jewish communities have suffered too many times at the hands of terrorist groups seeking their destruction. We grieve with you and share your shock at these atrocious acts, including the brutal capture of civilian hostages.   

As developmental scientists, we know the impact that war can have on our children for generations. Our role at SRCD is to try to help elevate our scientific knowledge and bring this into our common discourse. We are not experts in international relations, with answers on what should be done, but we know with certainty that the impacts of this violence will be long felt. As the war wages, our hearts are with all parents, both Palestinian and Israeli, who are terrified for themselves and their children, and who are witnessing and experiencing trauma and the death of their loved ones. The right to live safely and free from the threat of terrorism or violence should not be a privilege.

For SRCD members in Israel and Gaza and for Jewish and Palestinian families  around the world, know that we stand with you and against all hatred and terror.


Vonnie C. McLoyd, Ph.D.
SRCD President