Eddie Brummelman

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Eddie Brummelman
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Leading Developmental Psychologist and Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam

Congratulations to Dr. Eddie Brummelman, SRCD member and recipient of the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS) Early Career Impact Award. Dr. Brummelman is a leading developmental psychologist and associate professor at the University of Amsterdam studying the developing self. One of his research lines has transformed our understanding of childhood narcissism showing that narcissism develops in childhood. His research also demonstrates the harmful long-term consequences of narcissism. Another of his research lines illuminates the crucial role of self-views in achievement inequality. As a first generation college student, Dr. Brummelman is committed to reducing inequality in education in marginalized communities around the world.

Watch the recording of Dr. Brummelman receiving his award from Juliane Baron, Executive Director of FABBS, and Dr. Vonnie McLoyd, SRCD President and read more about Dr. Brummelman's research.