Renée Williams Hockaday

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Renée Williams Hockaday
Professional Title
Director for Communications and Marketing
Affiliation / Organization
Society for Research in Child Development
Renée Williams Hockaday, M.A. is the Director for Communications and Marketing at SRCD. In this role she directs the communications efforts of the Society and works alongside the Society’s leadership team to implement integrated communications and marketing plans and strengthen dissemination strategies among society members and the media about the research activities of the Society and its members. Ms. Hockaday has worked in the nonprofit sector most of her career and focused primarily on education organizations. She recently worked with SRI International’s Education Division (SRI Education) on communications strategies for the DaSy Center and at the Division level on social media and external communications. Ms. Hockaday holds an M.A. in Communication – Public Communication from American University and a B.A. in Telecommunications – Broadcast Journalism from Morgan State University.