SRCD Small Grants Program FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include Tables/Figures in my project description and do they count against the 1000-word limit?

Each proposal may include one (1) figure or table that will not count against the 1000-word limit.

Can I apply for funds to support a secondary data analysis project?

Proposals to conduct secondary data analysis are welcome. Be sure to justify the expenses associated with the analysis (e.g., staff effort, database access) in the budget and budget justification.

Is there a limit on the number of proposals I can submit?

We can accommodate only one proposal per scholar.

What period does this award cycle cover?

The 2021 period would cover July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

If I do not spend the funds by the end of the award cycle but I am still conducting the research, can I request a no-cost extension?

SRCD does not set an end-date for spending project funds, so awardees are not expected to request no-cost extensions beyond the award period unless their university requires such approval.

What happens if I have completed the research project, but have not spent the full amount of funds?

Unused/unexpended funds will be returned to SRCD.

My colleague(s) and I are all early career investigators, may we submit a joint proposal?

Absolutely! Multiple early career scholars per submission are welcome. Include all CVs along with the proposal (one single PDF file) and be sure to address the potential contribution of the grant to each person’s professional development.

Can these funds be used to pursue a research training experience, a visit to another lab, or a collaboration-planning meeting?

This funding mechanism is dedicated exclusively to supporting specific research projects and cannot be used for training experiences or collaboration planning.

Can these funds be used to support PI salary?

No. The funds can be only used towards research.

Can I receive the funds directly?

Funds can only go to an institution, like a research organization or university. They cannot go directly to the individual grant recipients.

What would happen if I were to receive the grant and get hired at another institution?

SRCD can transfer grants to the awardee’s new institution after their transition. In that case, awardees will need to provide a contact person from the new institution’s Sponsored Research Office.

Are indirect costs allowable or required for this proposal?

No, we are a research society, not a funding organization. Indirect costs are not allowable.

Are non-US citizens and institutions eligible to apply?

Yes! Non-US citizens and institutions are welcome to apply.


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