Student & Early Career Council

Guadalupe Espinoza, Co-Chair 2013-2021
Natalia Palacios, Co-Chair 2015-2019
Emily A. Abel 2017-2021
Stephen Asatsa 2017-2021
Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson 2017-2019
Robey Champine 2015-2019
Chelsea Derlan 2015-2019
Radosveta Dimitrova 2013-2019
Larissa Gaias 2015-2019
Henry Gonzalez 2017-2021
Jose Michael Gonzalez 2015-2019
Meredith A. Henry 2015-2019
Erin Hillard 2015-2019
Rachel C. Katz 2017-2021
Diana Meter 2015-2019
Sarah E. Murphy 2017-2021
Erica D. Musser 2015-2019
Katherine Paschall 2017-2021
Olivia Smith 2017-2021
Deyaun Villarreal 2017-2021
Nan Zhou 2015-2019
Velma McBride Murry, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019
Hailey Buck, Staff Liaison 2016-
Tacarra Andrade 2015-

Mission Statement

The Student and Early Career Council was established in 2001.

One of the primary goals of SECC is to increase student and early career participation in SRCD at multiple levels including through membership, attendance at the biennial meeting, and participation in SRCD as student/early career representatives. To facilitate this we will provide resources and opportunities to student and early career members of SRCD relevant to their professional development through 1) expanded programming at the biennial meetings, 2) creation of a student and early career focused section of the website, and 3) focused communication with student and early career members through the newsletter and email blasts. Through these avenues we will pursue issues relevant to the student and early career membership, as well as increase the k knowledge of student and early career members regarding important SRCD strategic goals and governance. Finally, we will serve as an internal information-sharing venue for the Student and Early Career SRCD committee representatives to coordinate activities across the different committees.