The Student and Early Career Council (SECC) was established in 1999 by the SRCD Governing Council to facilitate increased involvement in SRCD for students and young professionals who are within five years of receiving their graduate degree. This involvement includes representing student and early career interests on SRCD committees and working to identify and implement organizational changes that might benefit the student and early professional membership. SECC's overarching goal is to foster the development of student and early career scholars who are the future of interdisciplinary research on infant, child and adolescent development in diverse contexts and across life-long trajectories.

To facilitate this, SECC provides resources and opportunities to student and early career members of SRCD relevant to their professional development through:

  1. A Dissertation Funding Award for graduate students who are in the dissertation proposal stage
  2. Expanded programming related to student and early career interests at the SRCD biennial meetings
  3. Representatives who serve on SRCD committees and SECC co-chairs who serve on the Governing Council to highlight and advocate for student and early career needs and interests. By service on committees and the Governing Council, SECC also serves as an internal information-sharing venue to coordinate activities across the different committees.

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SECC Representatives

Guadalupe Espinoza, Co-Chair 2013-2021
Natalia Palacios, Co-Chair 2015-2019
Emily A. Abel 2017-2021
Stephen Asatsa 2017-2021
Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson 2017-2019
Robey Champine 2015-2019
Chelsea Derlan 2015-2019
Radosveta Dimitrova 2013-2019
Larissa Gaias 2015-2019
Henry Gonzalez 2017-2021
Jose Michael Gonzalez 2015-2019
Meredith A. Henry 2015-2019
Erin Hillard 2015-2019
Rachel C. Katz 2017-2021
Diana Meter 2015-2019
Sarah E. Murphy 2017-2021
Erica D. Musser 2015-2019
Katherine Paschall 2017-2021
Olivia Smith 2017-2021
Deyaun Villarreal 2017-2021
Velma McBride Murry, Governing Council Representative 2017-2019

Information on SECC Elections

Next election cycle: Fall of 2018 (to begin term at the 2019 Biennial Meeting)

Students and early career members are simultaneously elected as a representative to a specific SRCD committee for a two-year term, and to SECC for a four-year term. Please contact the current committee representative for information regarding the goals and requirements of a specific committee. To learn more about SECC, contact SECC co-chairs.

Nominees for Student and Early Career Representatives are open to students and early career individuals who are (1) between the second year of doctoral studies and one year post-Ph.D.; (2) current members of SRCD; (3) and have been members for at least one year. Consistent with the SRCD initiatives to improve multidisciplinary and multicultural collaboration in the developmental science field, we are especially interested in receiving nominations from international members and individuals from under-represented groups and disciplines.

Contact Early Career Representatives at