Developmental Methodology


A 2012 SRCD Special Topic Meeting

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This meeting will advance and disseminate work at the interface of developmental science and quantitative methodology. Bringing together approximately 500 methodological and developmental scholars, the conference will foster discussion of how recent advances in methodology can improve our study of developmental change processes and how the unique research questions of child development motivate advancements in quantitative methodology. The conference will include broad work in areas of measurement and data collection, longitudinal design and data analysis, and other advanced methods of data analysis relevant to developmental science. The conference will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of methodological advances, as well as extensive opportunities for junior scientists to expand, and for more experienced scientists to update, their methodological skill sets through numerous workshops. Keynote addresses by Peg Burchinal and by John Nesselroade will provide perspective on the field of Developmental Methodology. 

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SRCD 2025 Biennial Meeting

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May 1-3, 2025 | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA