Special Topic Workshops Meeting

This event has been postponed until Fall/Winter 2020. Exact dates to be announced.
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Update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and SRCD Meetings

Connecting Worlds: Studying Child Development in Low Resource Contexts

  • Organizers: Gianluca Esposito and Angelo Brandelli Costa

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Strengthening the Evidence Base for Culturally Relevant Interventions in Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Organizers: Gilda Morelli, Nandita Chaudhary, Heidi Keller, Barbara Rogoff, and Tom Weisner

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The State of Research on Prevention of Child Maltreatment: Current Knowledge and Future Directions to Inform Policy and Practice

  • Organizer: Francesca Longo

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Addressing and Reducing Inequality through Developmental Science

  • Organizers: Margaret Echelbarger, Laura Elenbaas, Rashmita Mistry, and Matthew Diemer

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Image of the Minneapolis skyline, with 'SRCD 2021 Biennial Meeting' over the image in dark font

SRCD 2021 Biennial Meeting

Event Date & Time
April 8-10, 2021 | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Biological, Physical, and Motor Development
Cognition and Perception
Developmental Disabilities
Diversity, Identity, and Social Justice
Language and Communication
Method and Theory
Parents and Families
Schooling and Education
Science & Social Policy
Social and Emotional Development
Trauma and Stress