Special Topic Workshops Meeting

June 12 - 13, 2020 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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Connecting Worlds: Studying Child Development in Low Resource Contexts

  • Organizers: Gianluca Esposito and Angelo Brandelli Costa

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Strengthening the Evidence Base for Culturally Relevant Interventions in Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Organizers: Gilda Morelli, Nandita Chaudhary, Heidi Keller, Martin Packer, Barbara Rogoff, and Tom Weisner

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The State of Research on Prevention of Child Maltreatment: Current Knowledge and Future Directions to Inform Policy and Practice

  • Organizer: Francesca Longo

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Addressing and Reducing Inequality through Developmental Science

  • Organizers: Margaret Echelbarger, Laura Elenbaas, Rashmita Mistry, and Matthew Diemer

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