Strengthening the Evidence Base for Culturally Relevant Interventions in Early Childhood Care and Education

A 2020 Special Topic Workshop | June 12 - 13, 2020 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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Early childhood care and education interventions are increasingly relied on worldwide to improve the health, language, play, “school readiness”, and caregiver relationships of children with diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, and linguistic backgrounds from low to middle income countries and communities with minority status.   These children are rarely represented in scientific research and discourse.  Are the best interests of these children and their families being served by these interventions? Are the theoretical and methodological assumptions regarding teaching, learning and early child development underlying the global proliferation of interventions valid, relevant, and useful? 

The workshop, hosted by the Society for Research in Child Development and supported by the Spencer Foundation, provides a collaborative platform for productive dialog about the strongest ways to conceptualize, design, implement and evaluate programs to serve diverse populations around the world -- ways that are culturally sensitive and responsive to community strengths and needs.  Researchers, practitioners, and policy makers with experience and expertise in issues related to interventions and to cultural aspects of human development are participating from across the developmental, social and policy sciences and– especially important – from the countries and communities around the world affected by interventions.

This is a working meeting to prepare guidelines for future intervention efforts to serve children, families, and communities worldwide in culturally sensitive and meaningful ways. The workshop is organized to provide a coordinated consideration of topics across sessions. 

Workshop participants, because of their experience and expertise, are able to make significant contributions to issues taken up by the workshop as a whole.  For this reason, participants may be asked to take on different roles as speakers, discussants, facilitators, or resources.  It is important, as a result, for attendees to commit to participating fully and completely in the two-day event.  Session leaders will reach out to you directly to discuss these possibilities. 


Workshop Sessions

  • Strengthening the Evidence Base for Culturally Relevant Interventions in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Tom Weisner, Session Leader
  • Children in Poverty Contexts: Re-examining Global Definitions of Risk and Enablement in Family Interventions
    Nandita Chaudhary, Session Leader
  • Cultural Strengths and Programs to Foster Children’s Learning
    Barbara Rogoff, Session Leader
  • Children’s Care and Network Relationships
    Heidi Keller, Session Leader
  • Children’s Language Development and Socialization
    Elinor Ochs and Doug Sperry, Session Leader
  • Challenges of Scaling Up Interventions with Local Validity
    Martin Packer, Session Leader

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Registration and Housing

Registration for this workshop is by invitation only. Invitees will receive links to register and reserve a hotel room when the invitation is extended to attend.

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Call for Applications [CLOSED]

The deadline for applications has passed (Wednesday, January 8, 2020). Applications are currently under review. Decision notifications are expected to be sent by early February 2020. To view your application, please log in with your existing SRCD credentials.

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