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Results of SRCD’s Social Policy Impact Report and Q&A session.

Online session on Tuesday, April 18 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT.

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About the event: 

Join SRCD in this two-webinar series to offer feedback on SRCD’s past, present, and future approaches to policy. This first webinar presents key findings from our stakeholder needs assessment and from the social policy impact report produced by the Working Group on Social Policy Engagement.  

In 2020, SRCD set a strategic goal of becoming a respected source of scientific knowledge about human development. We created the Working Group on Social Policy Engagement shortly after to develop SRCD’s principles for social policy engagement, and to help understand how we can make an impact on social policy.  

This webinar will present the Working Group’s findings on how policymakers consume and utilize scientific information. This is based on Dr. Beth Maloy’s stakeholder needs assessment with federal policymakers. We will also be joined by Working Group member, Dr. Sacha Klein, who will speak to the Working Group’s recommendations on how SRCD’s policy work should be structured. 

Come to learn how policymakers use scientific evidence, who they rely on information from and what they think of SRCD. Then, at our April 26th session, we will build on this knowledge to ask you, our members, what you think should be in our strategic plan for policy. 

All SRCD members, regardless of their ability to attend, are encouraged to complete this survey to help us shape our approach to policy. 

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