2020 Special Topic Meetings

The two Special Topic Meetings below will accommodate approximately 250 registrants each. Call for submissions now posted. Please see links below. Submission sites open mid-September 2019. Stay tuned for registration information.

Construction of the ‘Other’: Development, Consequences, and Applied Implications of
Prejudice and Discrimination

May 4 - 6, 2020 | Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, USA | #ConstructingTheOther

Meeting Organizers: Cynthia García Coll, Gustavo Carlo, Linda C. Halgunseth, Lisa M. López, and Norma J. Perez-Brena

Learning through Play and Imagination

May 28 - 29, 2020 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA | #LearnPlay20

Meeting Organizers: Thalia Goldstein, Deena Weisberg, and Jacob Schatz

NEW for 2020! Special Topic Workshops Meeting
June 12 - 13, 2020 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Each of the four individual, concurrent workshops in June listed below will accommodate about 50 registrants. Stay tuned for details regarding submission deadlines and registration dates.

  • Title: The State of Research on Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect: Current Knowledge and Future Directions to Inform Policy and Practice
  • Organizer: Francesca Longo
  • Title: Children's Thinking About Economics and Inequality
  • Organizers: Margaret Echelbarger, Laura Elenbaas, Rashmita Mistry, and Matthew Diemer
  • Title: Connecting Worlds: Studying Child Development in Underdeveloped Contexts
  • Organizer: Gianluca Esposito
  • Title: Translating Early Childhood Care and Education Interventions Across Cultures
  • Organizers: Barbara Rogoff and Gilda Morelli