What Is the Student/Early Career Council?

The Student/Early Career Council was created in 1999 by the SRCD Governing Council to facilitate increased involvement in SRCD for students and young professionals who are within 5 years of receiving their graduate degree. This involvement includes representing student and early career interests on SRCD committees, and working to identify and implement organizational changes that might benefit the student and early professional membership.

The Student and Early Career Council’s (SECC) overarching goal is to foster the development of student and early career scholars who are the future of interdisciplinary research on infant, child and adolescent development in diverse contexts and across life-long trajectories.

To learn more about SECC initiatives, members and elections, click [here].

> Get to Know Your SECC Representatives

SECC is committed to providing resources and information to all of the Student and Early Career Members of SRCD. Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts, ideas, or comments at secc@srcd.org.

SECC representatives meet in the new SRCD DC offices in December 2017.