Call for Nominations for Selection Committee Members: Editors for Monographs, Child Development, and Child Development Perspectives


SRCD is seeking nominations for members to serve on journal editor selection committees. Nominate by August 1, 2023.


The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)  seeks nominations and self-nominations for members with prior or current editorial experience to serve on one of three journal editor selection committees. Members will  develop and oversee  the call for editor nominations and applications for Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Child Development, and Child Development Perspectives. Selection committees chairs are the following SRCD’s Publications Committee members: Dr. Qing Zhou (Child Development Perspectives); Dr. Quin Yow (Child Development); and Dr. Gabriela Livas Stein (Monographs). 

Selection committee members will be responsible for the review of applications, the selection and interview of finalist candidates, and the recommendation of editor appointments to SRCD’s Governing Council. It is anticipated that committee members will spend 1-4 hours per month in this role, including participation in monthly Zoom meetings, review of applications, and candidate interviews. The Selection Committees will strive to identify the top candidates who have the knowledge, skills, and experience, as well as unique editorial vision, to fulfill the goals of the publications and support SRCD’s mission. The selection criteria for the next editors will include an evaluation of each candidate’s research profile, editorial experience, project management experience, and editorial vision. Administrative support, including posting and advertising the calls for nominations, processing applications, creating an online candidate evaluation form, and scheduling selection committee meetings and interviews, will be provided by SRCD staff.

SRCD’s president will appoint members to the three selection committees and committees will begin their work immediately afterward. It is anticipated that between three and five members will be selected for each of the three committees. New editors will need to be appointed by June 2024. To nominate an individual for a selection committee or to self-nominate, please complete this survey by August 1, 2023.

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