Happy Holidays from SRCD and President Nancy E. Hill

Nancy Hill Holidays

Dear SRCD Members –

2022 has been an incredible year for the Society, with many accomplishments and transitions. But, within it all, your commitment to advancing the developmental sciences and promoting the use of research to improve human lives has been our “North Star.”

We took baby steps back into the normalcy of life, as we learn to live with the realities of COVID—whether we believe we are post-COVID or just managing it. In doing so, you took a brave step and gathered—in person—for three intellectually engaging and socially fulfilling Special Topics Meetings.

  • First, in the “Learning through Play and Imagination” meeting, you focused on the why and how cultivating imaginative play, storytelling, and other aspects of play have a significant role in children's development.
  • Next, in the “Construction of the 'Other'” meeting in Puerto Rico, you focused on discrimination, marginalization, and their impact on the lives of children.
  • Finally, in the Special Topics Meeting on “Toward a Holistic Developmental Science,” you turned the idea of conferencing on its head by focusing on how to establish transdisciplinary, multisector collaborations, rather than presenting finished results.

Taken together, you showed us that we are ready to gather in person (with safeguards) to share research and cultivate collegial relationships and collaborations.

Your commitment to the success of these conferences gave us confidence about the success of the SRCD 2023 Biennial Meeting. Rashmita Mistry and Gigi Luk, program co-chairs, have been working tirelessly to organize a rich and engaging invited program. The themes are focused on the most pressing topics for children’s development, including migration/displacement, environmental justice, indigenous children and families, children and families in the Global South, Antiracism, and the continued impact of COVID-19. As the deadline for submissions approached, we wondered if you would be as excited as we are for the Biennial. Indeed, you are! We were amazed at the number and diversity of submissions. Registration is now open and housing information is available. We look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City!

This year saw many transitions for publications. Through the challenges we faced, I remain impressed with your collective commitment to the science and to the peer review process. I honor the outgoing editors for their commitment and reassert my warm welcome to the new editors. I especially acknowledge the dedication of the Publications Committee, chaired by Dawn Witherspoon and Michael Cunningham. They remained steadfast and focused on maintaining the quality of our publications. Our journals remain strong and highly regarded in the field as premiere outlets for our research.

I am honored to serve SRCD as its president and witness the dedication and creativity you bring to the developmental sciences and to our Society. I continue to be in awe and humbled by the dedication of the SRCD staff who work tirelessly to deepen the impact and build the capacity and infrastructure that fosters a stronger and more inclusive developmental science. The SRCD staff have both risen to the challenges of our time and brought joy to their work.

As we pause for the holidays, I am looking forward to spending time with my family, reflecting on the ways we have been blessed. I hope that you, too, find time to reflect and be inspired.

Wishing you peace and joy,

Nancy Hill
SRCD President