Toward a Holistic Developmental Science: Catalyzing Transdisciplinary Multi-Sector Collaborations to Understand and Support Human Development

June 9-11, 2022, St. Louis, Missouri, USA | A Presidential Special Topics Meeting
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SRCD is pleased to announce the availability of at least two $10,000 grants to support research that is aligned with the goals of this conference. These funds will be dedicated to supporting researchers in developing new cross-cutting, transdisciplinary collaborations that diversify and transform the research process. More details about this new grant mechanism will be shared at the conference.


This conference is designed to create intellectually rich contexts to seed new synergistic collaborations across and within the developmental sciences. Structured to promote authentic, cross-cutting discussions, this meeting is designed to cultivate new collaborations across disciplinary focus, across methodological lenses, and levels of analysis.

If you are one who attends a conference and actively tries to apply what you have learned to your own research only to find that you are doing that alone or with your own lab, if you are one who is eager to present you most significant findings and see those findings applied to new research in new areas, if you are ready to conduct truly integrative work across sectors of developmental science, we urge you to submit best ideas and come ready to engage across disciplines and sectors of the developmental sciences.

Although we know that human development unfolds within a myriad of levels, systems, and contexts--biological and neuroscience levels, at community and cultural levels, within families and social relationships, along with individuals’ meaning making, developmental science and methodologies often exist in silos. We attend conferences, learn about work in our immediate areas, while craving opportunities to have deep conversations with people who are interested in similar outcomes and processes but study these from different lenses. This conference is intentionally designed to break down those barriers and have authentic and generative conversations that lead to novel and innovative research collaborations.

Significantly, for the developmental sciences to embrace the diversity of normative human development more fully, the field needs to revisit the assumptions embedded in our methods and measurement and redefine and refine constructs and measurement. The field needs to work in collaboration with the communities in which children grow up and with agencies that impact their development. The field needs research that communicates across paradigms, methodologies, and theoretical orientations. The field needs research that is informed by the communities, practitioners, and policy makers who will use it.

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