A Message from the SRCD Governing Council


Dear Members of SRCD,

Glenn Roisman and Judi Smetana, the editors of Child Development and Child Development Perspectives, respectively, intend to end their editorships within the next 12 months. They will be missed, and we thank them for their leadership in continuing to bring these leading journals to our members and other stakeholders. The journals have increased the Society’s ability to communicate developmental science to a wide audience.

As Glenn and Judi’s departure dates are set for a year from now, there is time to ensure there is no disruption in the journal processes. Please continue to submit your manuscripts. We are working with the SRCD Publications Committee to ensure a smooth transition.

Above all, know that our organization is committed to the continued integrity of these respected journals and to the scientific review process and editorial autonomy that are central to maintaining that integrity. This commitment is reflected, for example, in the technology that allows us to maintain and track important documents relevant to the publication process. The use of technology permits the journal process to live on beyond any one editor or group of leaders.

We strongly believe SRCD leadership, and the publisher should play no role in the editorial process, with the highly extraordinary exception of an egregious ethical or scientific integrity concern that would put the reputation of the journal and the Society in jeopardy. Nothing in our Society’s Code of Conduct or other materials should be construed to indicate otherwise.

In addition, we will always seek to listen to and understand our editors’ perspectives and views, and those of the larger membership, as part of our intent to foster an inclusive, respectful environment.

SRCD remains strong, is committed to meeting the professional needs of members, and dedicated to a diverse and inclusive developmental science. We are excited about the possibilities in our future and will keep our members updated about any news on the EICs for our premier publications. We wish Glenn and Judi the best in their new ventures.


The Governing Council