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Communicate, Exchange, and Translate to Policy and Practice

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We understand developmental science has the potential to improve human lives and can help inform policy and practice. As a key source of scientific knowledge, SRCD translates and communicates research into meaningful and useful recommendations for policymakers and practitioners.

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Science Advocacy Activities

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SRCD posts comments, submits responses to draft policies, signs-on to multi-organization letters, and shares updates regarding policies and practices impacting our scientific community's ability to fund, conduct, publish, and disseminate its research.

Policy Update

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SRCD's "Policy Update" monitors policy developments in Washington, D.C., including federal priorities for developmental science, and legislation and programs relevant to child development. It also contains information on conferences and training opportunities, new reports, and requests for comments. "Policy Update" also highlights the work and experiences of SRCD Policy Fellows in the column "Spotlight on the SRCD Policy Fellow."

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Nominate a topic for Rapid Response

SRCD has committed to expanding its engagement on social and public policy issues that are informed by child development research. Through the Rapid Response process, we seek to be both proactive and rapidly reactive to such issues as they arise. We encourage any SRCD member to nominate a topic for rapid engagement.

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