SRCD *is* Developmental Science.

As a serious developmental scientist, consider SRCD membership, regardless of your discipline or country of citizenship. The Society for Research in Child Development continues to grow every year, and we want you to be a part of our association. We now have more then 5,400 members in over 48 countries, meaning there are more opportunities than ever to network with other child development professionals. The Governing Council and staff of SRCD have worked diligently to make the benefits of membership the best they can be. Here are a few examples of the increasing array of benefits for SRCD members.

Play an Active Role in the Society and the Field

  • RFPs: These are annual request for proposals for member-initiated research planning activities; 6 have been funded and a new call for proposals is issued every other year.
  • Propose Your Own Meeting on a Topic of Your Research: Special Topic Meetings held during the Biennial Meeting off-years. In response to great demand for smaller, more focused topical meetings during the biennial meeting off-years, SRCD began presenting special topic meetings in 2012. Special topic meetings are much smaller (around 300 attendees each) and more focused than the biennial meeting. They are structured to maximize opportunities for interactions among attendees and early career scholars. View past special topic meetings.
  • Join a Caucus. Caucuses serve the purpose of providing support, networking opportunities, and dissemination venues for research by and about members of groups underrepresented in the study of child development.
  • Millennium Scholars Program: SRCD members can participate in the Millennium Scholars Program, designed to increase the flow of underrepresented groups into developmental science, as a mentee or junior or senior mentor
  • Represent SRCD: Members can serve on one of SRCD's various committees or in governance; there is a call for nominations every two years.

Be Recognized with an Award

  • Travel Awards: Five types of monetary travel awards are offered as a benefit for SRCD members and to support attendance at the biennial meeting. Awards offered are Jacobs Foundation International Travel Awards, SRCD International Travel Awards, SRCD Student Travel Awards, SRCD Early Career Travel Awards and Neimark Student Travel Awards.
  • Awards: At every biennial, SRCD recognizes various accomplishments in the field of child development by giving awards to members. Nominations are open to all members.

Broaden Your Horizons in the Field

  • Diversity: SRCD recently reaffirmed its commitments to increasing diversity in our publications, membership, and other activities; to fostering international research and collaborations; and to strengthening our interactions with all disciplines relevant to behavioral and biobehavioral scholarship in child development. SRCD strongly believes that these three areas represent the future of the field; by participating in SRCD, you benefit from its work in these areas.
  • Professional Development: Advance your professional development by attending the excellent sessions at the Society's 2019 Biennial Meeting, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, March 21 - 23, 2019. Aside from the invited and submitted program, there are numerous formal and informal opportunities for networking and learning about the latest developments in the field.

Policy—Link, Share, Connect

  • Link Research and Policy: Through its Office for Policy, SRCD connects with federal agency and congressional policymakers to make sure that child development research informs public policy. The policy office regularly updates policymakers through publications and events, emphasizing how research can have implications for such issues as home visitation, school-based mentoring and bullying. SRCD also collaborates with other scientific associations to promote the interests of the child development research community and often responds to the government when there is a request for input on shaping the research agenda for children and families.
  • Share Child Development Research With the Public: SRCD works to broaden the public's awareness and appreciation of child development research by creating and disseminating press releases on research published in SRCD's peer reviewed journals. As a result, SRCD members' research is regularly featured by a variety of media outlets, including the New York Times, National Public Radio, and TIME magazine. SRCD is also working to expand dissemination of internationally-focused research and to build relationships with internationally-based journalists who report on developmental science.
  • Connect Child Development Scholars With the World of Child Policy: For more than 30 years, SRCD has run a highly successful and well-respected policy fellowship program in Washington, DC. By completing a 12-month Congressional or Executive Branch Fellowship, an SRCD member can use developmental science outside of the academic setting to inform public policy. Previous Fellows have had placements in the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as in a range of federal agencies, including the Administration for Children and Families, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Education.

Be "In the Know"

  • Washington News: SRCD's Office for Policy provides members with monthly listings of grant opportunities, updates on new legislation related to child development, and other policy-related resources, which can be found under the Policy and Communications tab on
  • Mingle With Top Scholars: Through the Biennial and Special Topic Meetings and the online membership directory, SRCD provides a unique opportunity to child development professionals and other researchers to connect and exchange information and ideas.

Access to Knowledge

  • Leading Journals: Child Development and Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development continue to be the top ranked journals in the field in terms of citation indices and total circulation. Child Development Perspectives was launched in July 2007 with a mission to provide accessible, synthetic reports that summarize emerging trends or conclusions within various domains of developmental research and to encourage multidisciplinary and international dialogue on a variety of topics in the developmental sciences.
  • Online Publications: Having access to the members only sections of our website provides advance online access to Child Development and our other publications, the online SRCD Directory of Members, full-text online search capabilities through Wiley Online Library, a powerful research tool. With Wiley's "E-TOC" alerts you can keep up to date with the latest tables of contents, save time by searching articles, saving searches and being alerted when new material is published.
  • Archived Publications: SRCD has partnered with JSTOR, an archival database, to offer all back issues of Child Development and Monographs online. This access is free with your membership and allows more extensive search capabilities than ever before.

Member Extras

  • Discounts: Discounted Biennial and Special Topic Meeting registrations; discounted two-year membership rate for Professional, Graduate and Student Members; discounted international rates are also available; a 25% discount on virtually all Wiley print books.
  • Incentives: SRCD's Member Insurance Program provides insurance opportunities underwritten by the Trust for Insuring Educators. Forrest T. Jones & Company, specialists in association and membership benefits, offers SRCD members professional liability insurance, life and health insurance and many other up-to-date plans that give protection at special association prices. To request information on insurance plans, please submit a request via the Forrest T. Jones & Company website. Be sure to include "Society for Research in Child Development" in the Association field to qualify for SRCD rates. For additional questions please contact Grace Parish at (800) 821-7303, ext. 1554.

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