Invited Speakers

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Friday, April 1

Imagination and Media

  • JaNay Brown-Wood, Author and Scholar
    On advocating for diverse and representative children’s books.
  • Anne LundPBS Kids
    On bolstering children’s learning through television shows, apps, and other educational tools.
  • Yalda Uhls, University of California, Los Angeles
    On bridging research and practice about children’s media.

Moderated by Jacqueline D. Wooley, University of Texas at Austin

Play and Imagination across Cultures

  • Helen Davis, Harvard University
    On characterizing children’s play and learning in the Kunene region of northern Namibia and southern Angola.
  • Francesca Mezzenzana, University of Kent/Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society 
    On exploring indigenous practices of learning in the Ecuadorian Amazon, focusing in particular on children’s development of responsibility, autonomy and conceptions of nonhuman others.
  • Laura Shneidman, Pacific Lutheran University 
    On studying early social learning and exploratory play in Yucatec Maya communities of Mexico.

Moderator by Lynneth Solis, Harvard University

Saturday, April 2

Physical Play and Play Space Design

  • Omowale Moses, Math Talk 
    On studying Games for Mathematical Understanding.
  • Meghan Talarowski, Studio Ludo
    On studying children’s playful behavior on playgrounds.
  • Bo Stjerne ThomsenLEGO Foundation
    On using play with LEGOs to learn in childhood.

Moderated by Andres Bustamente, University of California, Irvine

Non-Human Play

  • Gordon Burghardt, University of Tennessee
    On characterizing play behavior in “non-playing” species such as reptiles.
  • Jill Katka, Louisville Zoo
    On designing playful environments for primates in zoos.
  • Robert Mitchell, Eastern Kentucky University 
    On studying Dog-human play creates a context in which each player can develop new skills in relation to the other’s skills in the game.

Moderated by Jeffrey J. Lockman, Tulane University