Invited Speakers

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Imagination and Media

  • JaNay Brown-Wood, Author and Scholar
    On advocating for diverse and representative children’s books
  • Anne LundPBS Kids
    On bolstering children’s learning through television shows, apps, and other educational tools
  • Yalda Uhls, University of California, Los Angeles
    On bridging research and practice about children’s media

Moderated by Jacqueline D. Wooley, University of Texas at Austin

Non-Human Play

  • Jill Katka, Louisville Zoo
    On designing playful environments for primates in zoos
  • Gordon Burghardt, University of Tennessee
    On characterizing play behavior in “non-playing” species such as reptiles
  • Vincent Janik, University of St. Andrews
    On studying communication, behavior, and play in dolphins

Moderated by Jeffrey J. Lockman, Tulane University 

Physical Play and Play Space Design

  • David Flanigan, Yalp Interactive Playgrounds
    On designing and building interactive playgrounds
  • Meghan Talarowski, Studio Ludo
    On studying children’s playful behavior on playgrounds
  • Bo Stjerne ThomsenLEGO Foundation
    On using play with LEGOs to learn in childhood

Moderated by Andres Bustamente, University of California, Irvine

Play and Imagination across Cultures

  • Suzanne Gaskins, Northeastern Illinois University
    On studying children’s everyday lives and play in Yucatec Mayan villages in Mexico
  • Helen Davis, Harvard University
    On characterizing children’s play and learning in the Kunene region of northern Namibia and southern Angola
  • Lisa Norris, ACER Foundation
    On conducting educational research on Little J and Big Cuz, television programs for Indigenous children in Australia

Moderated by Artin Göncü, University of Illinois, Chicago