Travel and Childcare Awards

Event Details

Thank you for your interest in a travel award. All travel awards were distributed in 2020, prior to the postponement of this meeting due to COVID-19. Those previously awarded will automatically roll over to the same individuals for the 2022 meeting if they plan on attending. 

Therefore, we regret that the application site will not be re-opening. If funds become available, prior applications that did not receiving funding, will be re-evaluated. All 2020 award winners have been contacted about the status of their travel award. If you have further questions, please contact


  • These awards have been made possible due to generous funding from the National Science Foundation . They are meant specifically to assist self-identifying members of minority or otherwise under-represented groups, as well as undergraduate students, graduate students, and other attendees of limited means.
  • While attendees are allowed to apply for both travel and childcare awards, note that receiving both is unlikely. Please take this into account in your needs statement.
  • While SRCD membership is not required to apply, awardees must be members by the time of the meeting in April 2022.