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General Information

What is the 2021 SRCD Biennial Meeting?

Since the first meeting held in 1934, SRCD has hosted a biennial meeting on odd numbered years for its members and the developmental science community at large. Through its biennial meetings, which draw attendees from countries throughout the world, SRCD strives to meet the goal of understanding child development through research while serving as a network and forum for its members and attendees. Members and attendees include professionals and graduate students in psychology, human development, family studies, education, public policy, sociology, social work, psychiatry, pediatrics, and public health. Attendance at the biennial meetings averages 6,500.

Will it take place in Minneapolis, MN?

No, the meeting will take place entirely virtually.

What are the NEW DATES of the 2021 Biennial Meeting?

The dates of the meeting are now April 7-9, 2021! Moving to a virtual meeting has allowed us to adjust the dates in response to requests to respect personal and family time on the weekend. Pre-conferences will also shift to virtual meetings and will be held on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. If organizers would like to opt to hold a pre-conference on a weekend day, we will have an option for post-conferences on Saturday, April 10.

Why did SRCD decide to move the in-person conference to a virtual meeting?

The SRCD Governing Council and Conference Program Co-Chairs came to this decision after hearing from members of the Biennial Program Committee, Chairs of other SRCD Committees,  Caucus Chairs, SRCD members reaching out to us with input, and leaders of other associations. We carefully considered the pros and cons of meeting in person versus virtually. Although there is hope for a vaccine to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is not clear that by next spring it will have been administered widely enough to be effective. Governing Council and Co-Chairs were unwilling to put participants at risk of contracting the virus or contributing to its global spread. In addition, international travel is likely to continue to be restricted through next spring: over 100 institutions of higher learning have declared they will not make travel funds available to faculty members, and early-career members may be particularly strapped financially, restricting their travel.

Why make the decision now?

Given the anxiety and uncertainty that many, if not all, of us feel about so much in our professional and personal lives, we want to provide some certainty at least about the SRCD Biennial Meeting. You can now submit your abstracts knowing that accepted submissions will be part of a vibrant virtual program and that you don’t have to consider whether to risk your health or find scarce funds to travel to an in-person meeting.

Additional planning time will allow us to take advantage of innovations in virtual programming. The virtual meeting will offer more opportunities than ever to interact with speakers and participate in scientific sessions.

When will more details be available?

SRCD will be emailing, posting, tweeting, and otherwise communicating details about the 2021 Biennial as they become available. Watch your inboxes and look for updates on our website!

Whom should I contact with questions?

Please direct all questions to SRCD’s Meetings and Events Team at

Submitting and Reviewing

If I already submitted a proposal to present at SRCD21, what does the move to an all-virtual meeting mean for me?

Nothing further is needed at this time. Your submission will move forward into the review process. Acceptances will be announced in late December and we will provide any necessary guidance at that time.

Is there still time to submit to the SRCD 2021 Biennial Meeting?

No. The submission deadline for the SRCD 2021 Virtual Biennial Meeting was October 2, 2020, at 8pm EDT. Every submission will be fully peer-reviewed, and acceptances will be announced in late December. You will not be asked to commit to delivering your presentation until you are notified whether your submission has been accepted. Accepted submissions will be posted publicly by SRCD so that authors can include on their vitas.


What are the registration fees for the 2021 Biennial Meeting?

Registration fees will be posted in December 2020. We anticipate that they will be significantly lower than in-person meeting fees.

Who needs to register for the 2021 Biennial Meeting?

All attendees and participants must register, including all presenters of accepted submissions.

When can I register for the 2021 Biennial Meeting?

The registration site will open in January 2021.

I have a question about registration. Whom should I contact?

Please direct all registration questions to SRCD’s Meeting and Events team at

Will there be a code of conduct for the 2021 Biennial Meeting?

Yes! The virtual code of conduct is in development.

Participating Virtually

I am an invited speaker and need guidance on how to present virtually. What should I do?

The SRCD Events and Meetings Team will be in touch with all invited speakers to cover details for presentations and Q and A (if applicable) in the virtual format. Stay tuned for more information.

How will symposia, roundtables, flash talk sessions, and individual posters be given virtually?

SRCD’s Virtual Biennial Meeting will be presented on a platform that will afford presenters a means for dissemination and engagement with others. We will provide specific guidance for virtual participation when decision notifications are sent.

How will international participation be fostered?

SRCD is committed to fostering the participation of international members and developmental scientists worldwide. We will be carefully reviewing the timing of virtual sessions and other aspects to ensure international participants can deeply engage in the 2021 Biennial.

Will there be the usual opportunities for Committees and Caucuses to meet?

Yes, there will be opportunities for Committees and Caucuses to hold meetings and informal gatherings. SRCD will be assisting with these virtual arrangements.

Will there be opportunities for informal meetings and discussions?

Yes, virtual platforms now offer a variety of opportunities for informal meetings and discussions. At the 2021 Biennial, not only will you have a chance to interact with speakers and participate directly in scientific sessions, we are also creating opportunities to hold reunions with friends and colleagues. We are also recreating our famous “lunch with leaders” event in a virtual setting so students and early-career researchers can connect with senior scholars

Will there be SRCD-supported pre-conferences?

Yes, pre-conferences will be held on Tuesday, April 6. The new virtual format also allows us the opportunity to host post-conferences on Saturday, April 10 if organizers do not have concerns about having a meeting on a weekend day. A call for proposals for SRCD-supported pre-conferences/post-conferences will be issued soon.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Will there be an opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to participate in the virtual conference?

Yes! We welcome your interest in the 2021 SRCD Virtual Biennial Meeting. There will be new opportunities to connect with attendees and provide information in a virtual format. Stay tuned for more information.