SRCD’s Policy staff brings the science of child development to public policy and practice audiences through the production of the quarterly Social Policy Report Brief and other policy briefs. Each Social Policy Report Brief provides a brief summary of a longer Social Policy Report, and other briefs summarize articles in special sections and issues of Child Development. SRCD policy briefs are a resource for SRCD members deciding which Social Policy Reports to read in greater depth, and have been used in coursework to provide examples of summaries of research for policy audiences. If you are not a SRCD member and would like to receive SRCD policy briefs by email, contact:

Social Policy Report Briefs

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Understanding and Addressing the Effect of Digital Games on Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood, Volume 32, Issue 1
Disparities in the Quality of Pediatric Dental Care: New Research and Needed Changes, Volume 31, Issue 4
Desigualdades en la Calidad de la Atención Dental Pediátrica: Nuevas Investigaciones y Cambios Recomendados, Volumen 31, Número 4


How the Threat of Deportation Affects Children in Latino Immigrant Families, Volume 31, Issue 3
Changing Demographics of Dual Language Learners and English Learners: Implications for School Success, Volume 31, Issue 2
High-Quality Early Childhood Development: Implementing Large-Scale Programs in Global Contexts, Volume 31, Issue 1


Supporting Parents: Using Research To Inform Policy and Best Practice, Volume 30, Issue 5
Research-Practice Partnerships: Building Engagement To Benefit Children and Youth, Volume 30, Issue 4
Goals for Sustainable Development: Focusing on Children and Youth, Volume 30, Issue 3
What Does PK - 3 Instructional Alignment Mean for Policy and Practice?, Volume 30, Issue 2


Corporal Punishment in U.S. Public Schools, Volume 30, Issue 1
How Health-Care Policies Affect Children's Health and Development, Volume 29, Issue 4
How Research Can Help Address the Goals of the My Brother's Keeper Initiative, Volume 29, Issue 3
The Impact of Terrorism on Children, Volume 29, Issue 2


Federal Expenditures on Children: What Budget Policy Means for Children's Policy, Volume 29, Issue 1
Evidence-Based Social Policy: Recommendations for Programs that Fit Communities' Needs, Volume 28, Issue 4


Military and Veteran Families and Children: Policies and Programs for Health and Development, Volume 28, Issue 3
The Common Core State Standards: Effects on Educational Practice, Volume 28, Issue 2
How Abuse and Neglect Affect Children's Minds and Bodies, Volume 28, Issue 1


Ensuring That Multilingual Children Benefit From Best Practices, Volume 27, Issue 4
Children of Undocumented Parents: How Public Policy and Community-Based Organizations Can Help Reduce Risks, Volume 27, Issue 3
Highlighting the Positive Development of Minority Children, Volume 27, Issue 2
Preserving and Enhancing Responsible Conduct of Research Involving Children, Volume 27, Issue 1


New Approaches to Social and Emotional Learning in Schools, Volume 26, Issue 4
Child Development in Developing CountriesChild Development Research in Brief
Poverty in America: Implications for Children, Programs, and Policy, Volume 26, Issue 3
Using Research in Policy and Practice, Volume 26, Issue 2
Strengthening the Early Childhood Care and Education Workforce Would Benefit Young Children, Volume 26, Issue 1


Raising Healthy Children – Helping Families Support Their Children’s DevelopmentChild Development Research in Brief
Raising Healthy Children – Strengthening Children’s Development in Early Childhood and School SettingsChild Development Research in Brief
Raising Healthy Children – Work Roles & Children’s DevelopmentChild Development Research in Brief
Reducing Prejudice and Promoting Equity in Childhood, Volume 25, Issue 4
Food Insecurity Harmful to Children’s Development, Volume 25, Issue 3
Early Childhood Development Programs In Global Contexts: Improving Quality, Volume 25, Issue 2
Juvenile Justice: Supporting Effective, Sound Programs, Volume 25, Issue 1


Children and DisasterChild Development Research in Brief
Making Schools Safe for Sexual-Minority and All Students, Volume 24, Issue 4
School-Based Mentoring: Weighing Future Investments (English), Volume 24, Issue 3
School-Based Mentoring: Weighing Future Investments (Française), Volume 24, Issue 3
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Improving the Lives of Children and Their Families, Volume 24, Issue 2
Protecting Children from Lead Exposure, Volume 24, Issue 1


Home Visitation: Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Improving the Lives of Poor Families, Volume 23, Issue 4
A Guide to Implementing Evidence-Based Programs and Policies, Volume 23, Issue 3
Young Hispanic Children: Boosting Opportunities for Learning, Volume 23, Issue 2
Youth in Foster Care: Easing the Transition to Adulthood, Volume 23, Issue 1


The Family Dinner Table: Implications for Children’s Health and Wellbeing, Volume 22, Issue 4
Children in Immigrant Families Key to America’s Future, Volume 22, Issue 3
Improving After-School Programs in a Climate of Accountability, Volume 22, Issue 2
Improving Early Mathematics Education May Enhance Children’s Academic Success, Volume 22, Issue 1


Research on No Child Left Behind Can Inform Reauthorization Process, Volume 21, Issue 4
Head Start’s Benefits Likely Outweigh Program Costs, Volume 21, Issue 3
Improving Prejudice-Reduction Programs in Schools: Lessons Learned Since Brown v. Board of Education, Volume 21, Issue 2
Developing a National Plan to Help Children Cope with Disaster, Volume 21, Issue 1


Over-Scheduled is Over-Stated: After-School Activities are Good for Kids, Volume 20, Issue 4
Youth Mentoring Programs: What Leads to Success?, Volume 20, Issue 3
The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity: Review of Research and Implications for Public Policy, Volume 20, Issue 2