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A new Call for Submissions will be posted mid-summer 2021. If you have not received an email regarding options for your 2020 accepted submission, please email programoffice@srcd.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my work have to directly assess or focus on prejudice/discrimination to be relevant for the conference?

We aim to provide opportunities for scholars to receive funding from their universities to attend the conference. We recognize that many scholars may be interested in this topic but may not have begun collecting or directly assessing prejudice or discrimination in their research. For this reason, we have developed 10 review panels so that people could submit across a wide range of developmental topics (that may or may not directly include prejudice or discrimination variables).

I conduct research with marginalized populations but do not study prejudice/discrimination? Would my proposal be relevant for the conference?

Yes, as our interest is in the development and/or consequences of marginalization, we believe any research where scholars are working with marginalized populations can be relevant to our conference.

Would research on an adult sample be relevant to this conference, given that it is sponsored by SRCD?

Research that includes or solely focuses on adult samples is welcome as long as the proposal has a developmental lens or perspective, or has potential to inform developmental science, in general.