Event Details

Subject to change.

Day 1

  • Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University, will speak on systemic racism and describes its practices in the Post-Civil Rights Era, deconstruct the dominant color-blind language and tropes we use to discuss racial affairs, and discuss the centrality of Whites’ normative behavior for the reproduction of racism.
  • Adam F. Rutland, University of Exeter, will discuss how the role of group processes in social exclusion and resource allocation relates to children’s development of prejudice and/or discrimination.

Day 2

  • David R. Williams, Harvard University, will address the impacts of discrimination on health from a national and international perspective.
  • Robert M. Sellers, University of Michigan, will speak on the effect of race on the psychological distress, mental health and self-confidence of African American youth.

Day 3

  • Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor, Harvard Graduate School of Education, will talk about her recent applied work promoting ethnic identity and research on the role of ethnic identity as a cultural resilience tool.
  • Nilanjana (Buju) Dasgupta, University of Massachusetts, will present on how implicit stereotypes about STEM ability impact adolescents' self-concept in middle school; especially for girls and students of color. She will also identify what types of learning environments reduce these implicit biases.